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The lush, wooded acres of the SAS campus are home to a confluence. A place where many different elements come together to create a force much greater than the sum of its parts. Big Data Analytics, The Internet of Things and to a somewhat lesser degree, M&Ms. SnackBot is a project that combines all of these things into one robotically-fantastic device.

The exterior shell that surrounds SnackBot is a blend of man-made and natural materials. Some people have described it as a beautiful marriage of 3D-printed Polylactic Acid and pine. It's got a two-line, electric blue display that it can use to tell you what's on its mind.

If this little robot had a heart, it would be the Raspberry Pi Zero W. This modest $10 processor does it all. It measures the weight of the M&Ms using a load cell and then calculates the number of pieces remaining. It also keeps track of how fast the M&Ms are being gobbled up, so it can share this critical information with others.

How many times have you rushed to breakroom only to be met by an empty canister of M&Ms? SnackBot now gives you The Power to Know™ when the goodies are running out.

Check out this blog post for more details on how SnackBot was built.

Have you got a great feature in mind for SnackBot? Would you like to start tracking Fig Newton consumption in Building C? Maybe you just ate some M&Ms and you'd like to say hello.